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About Us

Founded in 2008 in New York City, the inspiration for The Pink Mink is in the brain trust of the company’s founders, Colette & Christine, sisters who have over three generations of family-run businesses in their blood. Our successful experience in the garment, financial and technology industries is the genesis for our company.

It was some time ago, that we noticed a giant gap in our personal shopping experiences. We could never seem to just find exactly what we needed, when we needed it- whether is was a jacket, sweater, blouse or the exact piece of jewelry to compliment a great outfit. That special something that would be cutting edge and look great and be AVAILABLE, yet be different and not outrageously priced. Sound familiar?

So we started The Pink Mink NYC and the response has been overwhelming!

"Our aim is to bring our customers selections from prominent designers and retailers from around the world. To accomplish this lofty goal, we partner directly with only those who demonstrate sophisticated style. By leveraging these strong relationships with premier manufacturers and trading facilitators across the globe, and through direct sales at specialty shows, select events and catalogue sales, we are able to pass on to our clients spectacular style- along side the significant reductions we realize in overhead and costs" - Colette

Drawing from this inspiration, The Pink Mink’s clever marriage of unique style and sophisticated product management results in collections that are simple, streamlined, timeless and thoroughly elegant.

Serving the needs of customers is more than a tradition - it is the cornerstone of The Pink Mink!

See you soon!

C & C

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